Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's Google's World - we just blog in it

I reached a point where there were so many projects I'd created in Google Earth Community, Google Maps and Google Earth Gallery that even I couldn't keep it all straight. So here is what I believe to be a complete list with links:

The first KML I posted to Google Earth Community - our project with digitizing Famine Era records from the Killarney workhouse:

This is my second KML provided to Google Earth Community - a description of the work done by Quinnipiac personnel to explore the ruins of the workhouse at Cahirciveen on the Ring of Kerry:
Like the link to Killarney, this can be seen in Google Earth without going through The Community Forum - you just need to have your Google Earth set to display Gallery/Google Earth Community.

We began digitizing books of Connecticut History in 2001. Here is a map of Connecticut with links to specific locales of these titles:

On a similar note, I've begun a map of Ireland showing our various initiatives, including digitized books, famine records, and various library partnerships:

Here's one that I just did for the practice of making a Google Maps file with a large number of placemarks. Since it gathered more than 500 hits in its first two weeks, I suppose I'll keep growing the thing:
Eighteen years in the making, it's our guide to the best places for food in Manhattan.

25 years ago, I wrote a script for a video production in education class showing what would happen if a modern reporter could go back in time and interview the philosopher Diogenes the Cynic. The script sat in a drawer until the web came along and I published it there. I've seen that at least one college class acted the thing out, and it's been visited thousands of times. Now in the age of geotagging, I've created a file that will allow you to open Google Earth (or maps) and visit Diogenes' home town of Sinope in Turkey: